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LoFi Low Brass Backing Track BUNDLES
available for BBb tuba, CC tuba, F tuba, and Trombone/Euphonium


Your favorite low brass fundamental exercises accompanied by a LoFi drum beat and drones.
These exercises work great as an addition to an individual's practice session, or in a group setting, and have been extremely successful when used in private lessons.

Bundles come with .pdf's and audio files.

Mastering the Tuba (by Roger Bobo) Exercises

Basic Warm-Up

Breath Control

Broken Chromatic Arpeggios

Chromatic Register Blending

Exercises in Octaves

Legato and Relaxation [Major]

Legato and Relaxation [Minor]

Low Register Intonation Check

Octave Glissandos

Stamp Modification

Arnold Jacobs Studies 

Arnold Jacobs Scale Studies

Development of Low Range and Resonance

Beautiful Sounds [Major]

Beautiful Sounds [Minor]

LoFi Flow Studies (by Brett Copeland)

Common Tone Arpeggios [Descending]

Common Tone Arpeggios [Ascending]

Dark and Stormy


LoFi LowFlow

LoFi Tone and Drones

Swells and Arpeggios

Wagnerian Flow [High Register]

Wagnerian Flow [Low Register]

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