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sonic foundations

sonic foundations is a low brass fundamentals routine that focuses on several major components of low brass playing. The routine can be played in its entirety, or used to supplement one's fundamental routine. Each exercise comes with its own backing track and there are multiple exercises that have different tempo options available.

sonic foundations.png

Download .pdf and backing tracks

Exercises included


I. Breathing Exercises
1. Breathe to Expand
2. Breathe without Friction
3. Rhythmic Breathing

II. Mouthpiece Buzzing
(exercises played on the mouthpiece then on the instrument)
4. Gooey Spiders
5. Common Tone Chord Arps
6. Gooey Chromatics
7. Gooey Chromatics II

III. Tone Production
8. Klangvorstellung (concept of sound)
8.1 Bb-Bb Chromatic Descending
8.2 F-F Chromatic Descending
9. Breathe & Blow 
10. Tone Openers

IV. Flexibility
11. Peanut Butter Long Tones
12. Chromatic Noodles
13. Don Harry Slurs
14. Smooth ii-V-I Slurs

V. Articulation
15. Exercise in Octaves
15.1 Rhythmic Variation
16. Tah-Tah Kah-Kah [available at 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 BPM]

VI. Scale Patterns / Finger Technique
17. Concone Scale+Modes
18. Concone I-V-I-Octave Scales
19. The Dreamweaver
20. Slippery Triplets

VII. Chord Studies / Endurance Drills
21. Joe Tarto Chord Drill [available at 60, 80, 100, 120 BPM]
22. Arban's Fundamental Exercise #46
23. Arnold Jacobs Chromatic Major Arpeggios
24. Beautiful Sounds

VIII. Warm-Down / Relaxation
25. Bruckner Cooldown

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