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Score Examples

...floating round my tin can

This violin duet was written for members of the Beo String Quartet during the 2016 Charlotte New Music Festival.

Trois Musiq

Trois Musiq was a collaboration in part of the Charlotte New Music Fesitval's Dance Co-Lab. The piece was performed by members of Bent Frequency, conducted by Adam Scott Neal, and the choreographer was Everett Perry.

Sirens - for tuba and theremin

Sirens was written in the spring of 2016 for theremin enthusiast Joseph Kelemen.

Chagrined Shah

This piece is for tuba and fixed media.

invoke for solo violin
Susurrus for tuba and electronics

Susurrus is performed using PureData and incoprorates acoutsic tuba playing, extended techniques and electronic accompaniment to create a unique soundscape.

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