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Mastering the Tuba

***First and foremost, these exercises can be found in Roger Bobo's Mastering the Tuba. If you do not already own the book then I highly recommend purchasing the book and adding exercises into your daily fundamentals practice.***

I made my own audio files meant to serve as a backing track for various studies found in Mastering the Tuba to spice up my warm-up routine and now I want to share them with fellow low brass players. The tracks include a rhythmically interesting metronome [ie. cool lofi beats] and harmonically interesting drone to accompany you while you progress through these studies.

Mastering the Tuba accompaniment tracks.

Mastering the Tuba [CC Tuba] Play-along videos

Basic Warm-Up - Mastering the Tuba [CC Tuba]
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Mastering the Tuba [BBb Tuba] Play-along videos