Warrior for euphonium and electronics

Warrior for euphonium and electronics


Warrior is a single-movement work broken up into several contrasting sections. There are two main melodic ideas that occur throughout the piece: one lyrical and one rhythmic and aggressive. These ideas are in constant battle throughout the piece and are present in both the euphonium and the electronics. The electronics serve as both accompaniment and another performer. Some sections of the piece are recorded and then manipulated by the electronics and played back as new material. The sounds heard in the electronics are synthesizers, pre-recorded tuba sounds, and live-processed euphonium. This piece is performed using MAX/MSP. 


Warrior was commissioned by Danielle VanTuinen and premiered in the spring of 2017.  The piece is performed using MAX/MSP and can be performed using the free software MAX Runtime available from cycling74. The piece includes a score with full instructions on how to setup the electronics and the MAX patch needed to perform the piece.


*Due to file size limitations with this online store you will receive all of the electronic material needed to perform this piece via email after you make your purchase.

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