Janus for trumpet and electronics

Janus for trumpet and electronics


Janus for trumpet and electronics was composed in late 2016 / early 2017 for trumpet player Marie Mencher. The piece is performed using MAX/MSP and can be performed using the free software MAX Runtime available from cycling74. The piece includes a score with full instructions on how to setup the electronics and the MAX patch needed to perform the piece.



Janus is a single-movement work broken up into three contrasting sections: transitions, passages, and beginnings. The title refers to Janus, the Roman God of transitions, beginnings, passages, gates, doorways, and more. The piece uses quotes from Tower of Power’s You’re Still a Young Man and the tune A Child Is Born.

*Due to file size limitations with this online store you will receive all of the electronic material needed to perform this piece via email after you make your purchase.

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